I wish I could put my finger on it

There must be a reason why Leo sleeps 9 hours straight some nights and then only 4 hourly chunks another, I just can’t work out what it is.

On Tuesday night, he fidgeted about 1am and I popped his dummy in and he slept until 5! Last night he fidgeted at some point before midnight then 1, 2, 3 and then I fed him at 4.20 and persuaded him it was a good idea to go back to sleep until 7.

There seems to be no correlation with how long he gets in the day, how late his last snooze is, whether or not we have been out and about or home alone (I don’t think) I am tracking sleeps and feeds now so I am hoping something will appear. I know a lot of people would put him onto formula before bed, but I just don’t want to introduce that into his diet if I don’t need to; which I don’t. Tom made a good point about it, we won’t take protein supplements etc so why should we introduce that to Leo. I want to attempt to have him exclusive to breastfeeding until 6 month’s and the have his first and last feed of the day as breastmilk until he is 1 really. I know a lot can change in that time but that’s my intention right now.

Im not looking forward to losing the intimacy of breastfeeding my babe as it is, why would I want to make it any sooner!


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