Embrace it

I’ve learnt a lot of things regarding positivity from Tom’s mum Sue, the latest one is to love the weather in all its glory. I’ve struggled with this in the past because having horses makes it much harder tbh. The wind makes them assume everything is out to get them, the rain makes everything filthy constantly and the list goes on.

Now I don’t have that, I vowed to myself I would embrace it, and, as with everything in life, it’s incredibly easy to see beauty everywhere.

I took Leo to Tatton Park for his lunchtime stroll and, where I would normally have seen filth, annoyance and gloom, I saw beauty. I felt the invigorating wind in my face, that brought with it an almost sea like freshness that nipped at my cheeks and energised me. Taking deep breaths of freshness into my lungs and appreciating this simple act that we all take for granted and feeling it cleanse me down to my individual cells (oxygen is a vital part of respiration, so literally)

The skies were watercolours of cloud and diluted sun rays, ever changing the picture with the wind.

The trees and their gentle, rustling hum that relaxes you as if it’s stroking away your stress. This is one I’ve always loved, especially in pine forests.

The lake was ragged and dark with little dots of birds bobbing around and making the most of the meals the waves were digging up, as well as the almost longing serenity of gull cries whilst they jostled with the wind and the water.

I appreciated every single part of my surroundings and I lost myself in it. Everyone should take a moment every day to do this and I’m sure they’d be amazed with how it made them feel. I also made a point of giving everyone I met a big smile and a hello, you never know when that is going to make the difference between a rubbish day and a good day for a person. It’s amazing how infectious happiness can be, even to yourself. So do it, each day, see the beauty.


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