I need to be stronger

This is a common theme in a lot of my posts now and I know it. I know I come back to the same conclusion every time, but it’s tough when you are new to something and it isn’t in your nature to have confidence in yourself.

Its the good old, ‘your baby should be doing this by now’ trap. So many people are of the opinion that a baby of Leo’s age and size should be sleeping through the night now. The thing that really bothers me is that he is hungry! I know I don’t need to feed him to sleep, so it isn’t an association thing and he feeds properly too.

I did successfully drop his midnight feed for a while a few weeks back, but it all went a bit wrong when I tried to change his sleep time to 7am and I haven’t managed to get it back. I can push him on until around 2.30am to 3ish but it generally involves me waking every hour to pacify him… He has been like this for over two weeks now I’m sure.

So, last night I thought I would see what would happen if I fed the first fussing. He woke just after 11, but then he hadn’t eaten much before bed because I messed my timings up. I fed him and then he didn’t move a muscle until 3ish and I fed him again, he didn’t wake me up until 6.30am then. Now, in my head this totally means that he is genuinely hungry, otherwise he would fuss hourly whether fed or not!

I know that people reckon when they are bigger they can eat more, have more fat etc so shouldn’t need food in the night; but it’s all relative surely? He is bigger, therefore needs more calories so will be no different to a hungry smaller baby.. I’m going with feeding, at least it is wake up and then sleep a few hours before next wake up, rather than stir every hour!

Again, I conclude that I am justified in my opinion and will carry on with following my instincts.. Hopefully it won’t bite me!


Consolidate that sleep!

Over the past two weeks, since we have been working on sleeping in the cot in the day, we have noticed that he has gone from routinely waking up after half an hour to going from 45 mins to 1.5hrs. I felt that he was sleeping that long because he needs it but then he always averages out at 13 hrs sleep over a 24 hour period. If he has more than 3 hours in the day, he sleeps less at night (trust me, Tom has run the data from the tracking app to check and it’s pretty spot on!)

So, off the back of that I decided that I could start to push his awake time a little longer and see how we get on. Yesterday was the first day of doing this and it went pretty well. He doesn’t like to go very long in the morning, which is strange, so I am aiming for 2.5 hours before first, 3 hrs + between next and then the same until last snooze before bedtime. The only issue here being he seems to struggle a bit I’d he is awake for 3 hours before bedtime, so I need to have a play with the awake times a bit. It’s just going to be a case of trial and error and watching for Leo’s sleep queues. Just now he started running his eyes about 2hrs 45 mins so I took him to bed and he fell asleep within 2 mins.. So clearly that one was well timed. It’s just a case of entertaining him through it all now.

This sleep was also pretty close to the feed mark, but I don’t want to associate his sleeps with feeds if I can avoid it. He will hit the 3 hrs mark when he is half an hour into his sleep, it may wake him.. We shall see. He generally has to be Ewaned at the 30 mins mark anyway.

Just more stuff for me to work out, I literally spend most of my days thinking about this now!

Another failed unswaddle

Beautiful little man

I just thought I would give it a go, cold turkey again for first snooze. It didn’t work, he happily mooched in his cot for 15mins but then got really mad and thrashy so I swaddled him and he was off in a few mins.

I need to try gradual unswaddling when I’m at home in the day and see.

We are still pooping constantly, no other tooth signs though so I don’t know. He is happy in himself however.

We have tried baby rice and pureed carrot so far this week. He’s not entirely convinced, but seems happier with carrot than rice. The reason we tried was that he has totally gone off his milk first thing in a morning. He is swallowing it well when I can get it to his mouth without him grabbing the spoon , his face is a picture though; it is a pretty horrified and disgusted look the entire time!

Sitting is also going pretty well, he can’t get there by himself but stays pretty well put now if I plonk him down there.. I don’t think it is a bad thing to do with them before they can do it themselves, they can’t successfully do it until they are ready anyway!

Tom and I both feel pretty gross as far as weight goes. I have put off weighing myself until new years day and then it will be full weigh, measure and photos again and I am getting back on it. I ran another 5k park run with my sister on boxing day, pretty pleased with my time of 30mins 20secs as I have done zero training! I really enjoyed it, it’s a great atmosphere and it’s free! It also means that I will build up my cardio stamina for tough mudder in May. My upper body strength needs building back up too or I will definitely struggle, I was pretty strong for total warrior last year and that helped immensely

First Christmas

Christmas eve pj’s

We started our family tradition on Xmas eve, our Xmas eve box. I know, very ‘done’ already, but I love it. We had new pyjamas, an ornament, hot chocolate mugs, hot chocolate and a film. We went for Disney Pixar’s Inside Out.. Wow, what an incredible film. As always, it had Tom and I bawling. It touched on emotional management that is important to me, how you shouldn’t ever ignore any emotion and they are all important and make us the people that we are..

Leo treated me to an hour snooze for his first sleep of the day, he fell asleep next to me in bed, which I love. He wasn’t quite himself though I don’t think, he just seemed really tired and was pooping constantly.. I can only assume it’s his teeth on the move.

We had a lovely day with my sister and her family and did way too much eating!

Pretty happy with his ball pit off the Owen’s
The cutest giraffe of my parents
Successful unwrapping of his new foxy rattle off Aunty Hol. He was especially pleased with this parcel as the wrapping paper was perfect for baby hands!
Pretty smug about the whole affair really

I was close

Our little surprise trip took us to York. We stayed in a lovely little apartment pretty just a stone throw from the centre of town which was brilliant.

We ventured around the Xmas markets when we first got there and we even dared to have a drink to ourselves once Leo was in bed. He was quite unhappy going off but had missed a snooze in the day as everything was just way too interesting.

We didn’t have a late one but Leo woke up at 10.30 and then stirred every hour after that until midnight, then I got a two hour reprieve but then I fed him around 4 and then we slept until just after 7. I was knackered.

We took Leo’s first ever train ride out to the Scarborough beach on the Tuesday. It was fairly stormy, but lovely being out on the sand with the fresh breeze blowing in off the water.

The sea front was pretty much deserted, unsurprisingly and there were so many places closed for the season. We had initially intended to have fish and chips on the front, but the good shops were closed!
So instead, we had an Italian and Leo sat in a high chair! First time ever in a restaurant!

So much is changing so quickly, we think he has some tooth movement too. He’s started pooping about 5 times a day or more and has little pink cheeks. He’s also quite feisty when he wakes up in the night.

Tom took the next night duty so I could sleep and he did a great job of pacifying him so it didn’t disturb me. Of course I didn’t sleep through, I’ve just accepted that isn’t going to happen for a long time to come. He’s been a lot more settled since being back home though, which is great.

We are even managing more than half an hour daytime naps in the cot. You have to be ready on the half hour point with ewan, but then he will go over an hour easily

We seem to be getting it right

For now anyway. The sleep schedules are working well and if we time his last snooze for 2 hours before he goes to bed, he has been going off without a dummy or rattle, just ewan and a big warm daddy hand on his tummy.

He only wants to sleep between 9.5 and 10 hrs at night, but if that’s what he needs then that’s what he needs. He gets 3 hrs through the day, spaced out at around 2 hour intervals. I know that this will all change in the blink of an eye, but I at least know I’m reading him correctly.

Checking out his throne for the Xmas table
Desperately trying to stroke (grab) his mate

He’s officially getting big! He just about fits in the high chair… It’s going so fast!

Journey update, we aren’t going towards Yorkshire.  No idea!

Adventure time

Tom is taking the family away on a surprise holiday for a couple of days. Leo obviously knows where we are going, but is keeping schtum!

I know it’s somewhere within 2 hours as Tom factored in the carseat time limit, I also know it’s not far from the coast as we are going to get fish and chips on the front.. I also know that my geographical knowledge it’s just horrific so I stand very little chance of guessing.

We are currently heading for the m60/62 I reckon, so my current idea is somewhere in Yorkshire as I know that there is some of Yorkshire near the sea as one of my friends went ages ago and bought me some mussles back!

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A few treats

Driving home from the Christmas lunch with the girls, the sunset was amazing. I kept stopping whilst I was driving around with a snoozing Leo.

Then this morning, another feast for the eyes in the form of a beautiful sunrise. My first walk meant that I got to watch the day unfurl beautifully

It’s going well

I’ve been working with the schedules for a couple of days and I’m getting on well with it. We decided the 7pm to bed just wasn’t suiting Leo and everything seemed rushed, he works well with his 8pm sleep and his magic number seems to be 10hrs sleep at night and then 3 or more through the day, split across 4 sleeps.

Whilst I wanted to aim for 15, it just doesn’t work for him. He likes his two hours in between and to get close it really causes havoc at the end of the day because of not wanting to go for hours before his last sleep.

I also managed to adapt the sleep around a lunch with the girls last night which shows that I can work with it when necessary, which is key.

We are also successfully snoozing in the cot, it only last half an hour but he’s in there none the less. The breakthrough was suddenly realising that I should swaddle him as I do at night, bingo. He goes off pretty well now too.

Scheduling fun

Awake walk in his situp pram! Gosh

I’ve always liked to live by schedules, I think because I used to fit as much as humanly possible into the hours outside of work and at the same time I hate being late!

Babies too like to be creatures of habit, unfortunately, they are somewhat unpredictable but I am now at the point where I feel the need to get a much better daytime routine established. He’s so erratic with his waking up time, that I can’t plan my day properly. So, as much as it pains me to do so, I will be making sure that he he doesn’t sleep past 6.30am and we will be putting him down for the night at 7pm.  Tom suggested this because I was complaining about the fact I can’t get into a routine with his sleeps etc.

I was initially attempting to push his 4.30 feed on as much as possible, the problem with this is that if he feeds at 5.30, he more often than not wakes up then for the day.. Which I dislike a lot. So I am going to try feeding him at this time if he stirs.

What this will then do is allow me to somewhat predict the structure of my day, it does rely on Leo sleeping for the lengths of time that I want however! I will just have different schedules depending on what sleeps he kicks out and what activities he may have on in the day.

I am also going to be a bit more flexible with feed times. Currently he is every 3 hours, but if he needs to sleep just before the 3 hour mark, I will feed him earlier as he may sleep better.. We’ll see.

Tom will run with the evening routine and then we can cook tea once Leo is asleep, claim back a little us time!

Im sure this will all change when I introduce solids into his diet as it is something else to fit in and I will have no idea how long eating will take him. He is only 20 weeks at the min though so I’m not factoring that in just yet, he has started not being interested in morning milk though as he consumes so much at 4.30, so this would be a good time to slot it in I think.