Slave to the snooze

All my days are structured around Leo snoozes. It’s quite tricky to achieve, but sleep is so important in their developmental process that it’s not something I feel I can ignore.

He’s pretty solid on needing to sleep every two hours in the morning and then he normally seems to go a bit longer in the afternoon, but I think it depends on the length of his morning snoozes. I’m currently tracking sleeps and keeping a log of his mood and how well he goes down each time.

I know that by the time I have figured out a pattern, it will all change but I love keeping track of things like this, so no time wasted.

It’s harder now for sleep than it used to be as he is far more interested in his surroundings now, so means he doesn’t ever snooze on my knee these days if we’re out. I have to use the carrier or the pushchair. I’m sure plenty of people would have an opinion on my crutches that I use, but I think of them as my tool kit and Leo’s sleep is way more important to me than what others think! He’s happy, so I’m happy


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