My little water baby

Swimming this week was great fun, all of a sudden he has started splashing around and kicking like crazy. He was absolutely loving it, so much so he was furious when I got him out!

It’s ridiculous how much he’s come on with everything over the last couple of weeks, it’s so incredible.

With the development, comes the frustration. He is so desperate to crawl, he just can’t get the coordination as I guess it’s really quite tricky. As his bottom comes up and he tucks his knees up, he drops onto his face. He then proceeds to shout about it and thrash his legs around, it’s very hard to just sit and watch, but I will only get involved if he really gets upset; other than that I sit where he knows I am and stroke his back periodically to calm him a little.

He had his first little head bump yesterday too, he rolled over and I had put him a little too close to the cabinets so he bumped it.. A few tears and a very guilty feeling mummy and all was well. His bathroom antics are now quite energetic and we have a hard tiled floor, so I have ordered some foam tiles to put him on. They will also be warmer as he has his nappy off time in the bathroom whilst I am showered and getting ready for the day, now I won’t have to worry about him cracking his head on the floor!


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