Happy Feet

Watching Leo grow up is so addictive. He’s a big boy for his age and really very content and happy the majority of the time. It makes bonding with him really easy, as most of the time I have with him is spent playing, reading, walking with him in the pram or carrier or with him on the play mat or floor, all chilled out things to do and he’s clearly engaging in all of the activities, even if it is just to stare at us and eat his hands.

Work is really busy and full of very interesting projects right now. The things we want to do, from scratch and upgrades, continue off way into the future and will keep us coding away for years. It’s a great opportunity for me to learn all sorts of skills, migrations of all sorts, new languages, new development styles, new processes and to document it all so we have a working knowledge base. I’ve been very lucky getting the role I have now, especially after the first couple of years of living up here and really not enjoying my role at all. Definitely moved company at the right time and now can’t see myself moving for a long time unless we move out of the country (very unlikely) or someone offers me a cake eating job (I like cake). It was always a source of great concern for Sarah and I think we’re now just happy with everything. It makes life a lot easier. Or at least more cake focused rather than worrying about real things.

My wonderful family came to visit me at work on Wednesday. It’s been an odd week thanks to my boss getting his dates wrong which has led to me working from home four days and then having Wednesday in work. Not complaining at all! It was really nice getting to finally introduce Sarah and Leo to all the people who play a major role in my daily work life (boss, close colleagues, evil financiers of doom). I always used to think that it was weird that people would bring their children in to work, but now I have Leo it’s obvious why (if they’re like me as a parent and basically a massive pile of smush).

I find writing, or the habit of writing, very tricky to get into. I have to force myself to get some time away from everything (it’s now 2200 and everyone is in bed merrily snoozing) and also to be on a computer as I just don’t get on writing longform on a phone. Turns out you don’t get much time like that with the little rascals in your life. And that’s all good with me. The more full my life gets, the happier I’ve become.


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