Lunching with Daddy

Togged up in the carrier
This is a better seat to travel in mummy

Today’s activity was a trip into Manchester to meet Tom’s colleagues and get some lunch. It took me ages to decide how to get there; train, tram, drive, bus, combination. In the end I opted to drive to Salford and get a tram into Manchester.

I timed the drive out with a snooze and then bundled him into the carrier for the tram journey. He loved it and was his normal smiley little self with everyone and charmed the socks off them all, then he snoozed in the carrier on the way back after lunch.

He was chatting away to octopus for most of the journey home, we did have a few tears but no full on meltdown. We had a quick catch up coffee with the girls too and he was really lovely again. So interactive and smiley and just his normal lovely self to be around.

I find now that I get so much from the time we spend just the two of us, I feel like I get so much back from the interactions rather than the one way street of the early days. I get a real kick out of watching him take stuff in and seeing him work things out and commit it to memory.

To make up for lack of long sleeps today, I did another 2 hour sleep stint in the carrier with me in the dining room. It allows me to keep him sleeping for quite a while because of the movement and warmth, it also wrecks my back!

I’m also really loving our bedtime routine these days, his bath and then his last feed are so lovely. He’s really smiley and cheeky on that feed and listening to him chatting away as he’s falling asleep is one of my favourite things. He’s just becoming this really big personality as each day goes by and it’s such an amazing thing to be part of.


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