Duvet day

I woke up feeling pretty grotty this morning and the weather was pretty dreadful, which never helps. We took Sammy out for a walk in the rain for Leo’s first snooze, but it was hard work. I’m still so sore from boot camp!

Last night went well, he didn’t do a midnight waking which is great, but he did decide that getting up time was 5.30.. Which I hate! I did managed to stay asleep until 2.30 though, expressed and then he woke up at 3.

As I was feeling rubbish, I decided to stay in the house for the rest of the day and just play with my little man and rest up. We read lots, played on the floor lots, did some rolling, did some chatting and we had two snoozes together which was lovely. We managed the last afternoon snooze too (my nemesis), but it only lasted half an hour unfortunately..  Even so, progress is being made. I fell asleep before him for the first snooze and the next thing I knew I was waking up with a happily snoozing cutie next to me. He hadn’t has a dummy, just ewan and elephant and cuddles from me.

He is making huge progress at bed time, he is quite noisy about it but doesn’t get upset. He just chats away as if he is getting all his talking done for the evening and then he sometimes nods off by himself and other times a quick suck of his dummy and he’s gone. I am going to have to record it because it’s just the sweetest thing to listen to.

It’s amazing how much progress he seems to have made in this last week. He’s suddenly so active, so much more vocal, he has more complex emotions surfacing too, such as frustration and amusement. It’s so incredible to be a part of and witness all these things that keep occurring and watching our beautiful little man grow. The whole process from conception and onwards is just mind blowing.


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