That’s more like it

As always, the swaddling worked wonders. He stirred at just before midnight and I tried just ewan, which wasn’t enough, so popped the dummy in and he went off again. Of course, I then didn’t get back to sleep until I got up at 2 and expressed. He then went until 3.30 before a feed and then until 6.30 which is great.

I really want to get rid of this midnight waking, mum reckons most people get rid of the early hours waking, but I like to get up and express then anyway so I don’t find it an issue.. For now! I thought I might set my alarm for just before midnight and put ewan on pre-emptively and see if that helps, I don’t like relying on the dummy but it’s working right now and the most important thing for me is Leo getting enough sleep.

It was also totally dark and no white noise which is progress. I’m always a bit torn with removing the white noise as I think it helps with the self soothing, but it certainly doesn’t help with our quality of sleep as I certainly sleep much deeper without it. I would just love to get back to the 6hrs straight sleep that I had prior to the first unswaddle attempt.

Sleep experts reckon it can take up to two weeks to adjust a habit, so we will see if two weeks from now the midnight waking has gone.. Not convinced it will as surely the dummy is a habit in itself at that time! Oh the confusion

Leo isn’t quite as happy about the bobble hats as me it would seem

Little pink cheeks!

The weather has turned cold and frosty, which for me and what I do every day is a preference to rain as it’s so much easier to get things done.. By things I mean walking Sammy and keeping Leo asleep for more than an hour on the first snooze.

I am really stiff from boot camp, so I am planning to walk into town later to loosen off, do a little bit of shopping and mooch about until the bus back.. Or maybe even walk back, baby snoozing and will dependant.

Tom is working from home this week too, which is brilliant. It’s so nice having him there in the morning for wake up and the occasional cuddle.

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