Freedom funtime

As part of moving him to the new cot, we thought we would unswaddle him at the same time. He’s rolling over really well now and all the info says to unswaddle when they are doing this.. Well, be damned with what the specialist say, I want my baby to have restful sleep and I want to sleep too!

He was harder to settle off initially, we put this down to the fact that his snoozing yesterday was pretty rubbish and he missed one entirely. He then woke up, hysterical, at 11pm. This was exactly what he did the last time we unswaddle him and the only way to settle him was to feed him.

Next he started thrashing about at midnight, I used ewan and comforters to settle him off; which took a good half an hour. He then did the same at one, I did the same and then he managed until 3am.  I fed him then as he wouldn’t comfort back to sleep and I popped him back in his cot before he was fully asleep, so that took a dummy and almost half an hour to settle him again. He stirred again at 5 and I managed to settle him off and I think he managed until 6.30 when I gave in and fed him and then he did another hour after me spending time settling him again.

He doesn’t break out of his swaddle, he doesn’t show signs of attempting to roll over whilst swaddled either, so I am going to continue. People recommend gradual unswaddling which is probably the approach we will take eventually and I think I want to do it when I can safely use a blanket with him and tuck his arms in with that. I just don’t get on with the sleeping bags for him.

My theory is that when he actively pulls covers off his face, then I shall probably get a giant muslin and use that to tuck him in and go from there! Again, I fell foul to the ‘everyone says’ trap!


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