Big boy bedtime

Nothing like a good alliteration!

Anyway, we moved the cot into our room yesterday. It’s a really old cot that mum bought a new matress for and the fact that it is quite slimline works well in our room… Even if it does have really disturbing decals on it!

We popped him in it just to play about to begin with and he thought the best plan was definitely to get tangled in the bars!

Ooh, this looks like fun!

I wanted it to still be like a side car cot, so we needed to get a little bit inventive with some DIY, something Tom and I are useless at tbf! So, B&Q cut us some MDF to size but we needed something to raise it up. The idea was to use blocks of wood on the corners, however, they can’t cut a big piece to little blocks for you as they are too small.. Ah, panic? Tom suggested that we just saw it up when we get home.. I immediately rejected this idea as requiring too much effort, so proceeded to scour the aisles in the place for something that would do the trick, with no interaction, other than a purchase, required. And we found it, a piece of plastic used to connect guttering sections to each other and the wall.. Nice flat top and bottom, good strong plastic and the exact height we needed!

It’s amazing what laziness can achieve!

This morning I got roped into a boot camp my mate was doing. I have done boot camps with her before, so was under no illusion it was going to be easy and by crikey, it’s killed me. I think I did a million squats, lunges, burpees and tuck jumps.. Everything I actively seek to avoid in my every day fitness campaigns but all the activities I should do to boost my flat booty! I will update on my demise tomorrow, it’s not going to be pretty


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