Developmental step complete

Rolling prep

Leo has been showing signs of rolling from back to front for a fee weeks, but in the late week he has started to be a little more determined and today he cracked it and it was so lovely to see.

I had left him on his play mat whilst I went and got his clothes and when I came back he was on his side, facing away from me, consequently he didn’t know I was there so I sat and observed (and recorded it thankfully!)

I reckon he must have been at it for around 5 mins in total, I got 3 mins of it. He just kept getting stuck on his shoulder, I reckon if he had known I was there he would’ve just created until I went to assist, but instead, he soldiered on. He finally twigged that he needed to lift his head to free his shoulder up to pull from under him. He probably won’t try it again now for weeks, that’s what happened with his front to back roll. His little face once he had managed it was a picture, so proud of himself


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