Giggles and grizzles

One of the latest developments is Leo giggling. It’s just the cutest thing in the world and makes your heart want to burst! I’ve never been one for repetition, but when your baby is laughing at something, you will repeat it until the cows come home

We’ve been doing incredibly well in the car recently and then today we had a mega meltdown. I was on the way back from the chiropractors and he just unleashed. I fed him as he had gone for 2.5 hours but still it continued. I stopped a couple of times but then I just had to get home, poor little man was making his throat sore from screaming, it’s heart breaking. I was meant to be going meeting my friend at 2 but I have cancelled as I just can’t put him through it again.

Poor little puffy eyes

He sat for ages with me in the car when we got in and just cuddled, still managing his lovely little smiles from time to time.

He only slept for 20mins this morning, he was merrily sleeping when I got to the chiropractic centre and I had to wake him up, I suspect this was half the issue. He is now snoozing in his pram after a massive meltdown when I put him down in it, his sleep is quite light though so I am having to just sit and watch him to catch it if he stirs and keep him snoozing. He needs to sleep well now and feel better.


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