That’s more like it

Last night was much better thankfully. He went down at 7 as he hadn’t really slept in the day so was shattered, he then woke at 8.30 for a top up I’d imagine and then went almost 7 hours.. And so did I!?

It was so nice being be to just relax and feed him without thinking I was doing something wrong. He happily suckled away for about 20 mins on each feed and then would unlatch. That woke me so I moved him back into his crib without a peep.

The little terror did decide that 5.30 was the best time to wake up though and has been quite the little grump since.

I say that, but he had an amazing time at swimming and was the most involved he’s ever been, he’s even started kicking his legs about.

Nap times are becoming notably less committed. I have to work really hard to keep him sleeping for longer than 20 mins! I’m currently stood in the conservatory, pushing his pram back and forth after walking to the park to settle him down. I keep praying nothing crazy noisy drives past the house!


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