Stick with your instincts

Snoozing at the breastfeeding clinic

So after my melt down last night, I had a good talk with Tom and my mum and both just said to me that I need to follow my instincts and do what feels right for us. This is something I have harped on about before and it’s annoying that I ventured away from that with this, I guess that’s part of being a novice though.

If Leo wants to wake to feed at night, then that just what I am going to do. If he wants to feed to sleep then that also what I am going to do. I have put him back in his swaddle until we move the cot down at the weekend and then we will see how that goes. I am sure it will all take time to settle down as I have messed with our routine, but I feel better just doing what we were doing and going with it.

Kate, the lactation consultant that came to see me the other day, posted two very apt articles on Facebook today. She must have felt my pain. One was  the benefits of night time breastfeeding  and the other was about  the benefits of comfort feeding  

Now, I know you can always find an article that fits your exact opinion, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. It does annoy me that I feel I need to have other people justify my gut instincts. I just need to trust in me and my little family unit and don’t mess with things that are doing just fine. If Leo needs me in the night then he can have me, I genuinely don’t care. I do care about introducing anxiety into a situation where I have worked very hard to never have it, even throughout pregnancy. When he is ready to sleep through he will and I will be ready to wake up and express even single time!


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