Snot monster

Super serious moment!

Whilst there doesn’t appear to be any signs of hand, foot and mouth still today; last night was a bit disrupted. The poor little man was struggling with excess phlegm and it was really upsetting his sleep. He started fidgeting and struggling about 11 and was on and off until 2am when he woke up to feed and then was just so congested I couldn’t put him down, to make matters worse, I woke up with a horrible stabbing pain in my side. It’s one I do get periodically, but not ideal when you’re trying to soothe an unhappy baby.

At this point I was so tired from the 3 hours of disruption and pain that I had to wake Tom up to take over. He made me a hot water bottle for my tummy and took Leo off into the other room. This allowed me to have another couple of hours sleep and Tom managed to get Leo back off to sleep for an hour or so.

It’s so distressing that there is basically nothing you can do to help. He has the drops, the vapouriser, the chest rub and I burn the essential oils whilst we are awake but the phlegm is moving when he breaths so glues him up and upsets him.

Super Grandma she-she services

I had my haircut again today and grandma she-she was on baby duty. I’m not sure how people manage something as simple as a haircut if they don’t have the amazing grandparent services that I am spoilt with!

I am going out on Saturday with all of the girls I am friends with through NCT. It’s our first brave outing without babies and drinking since we met and I think we are all torn between really looking forward to it and also panicking about leaving the babes behind.

Tom has been practicing settling him to sleep and he does a brilliant job, it’s just bottle feeding in the night that is new. However, I have total faith in Tom and his ability to deal with everything and he has such a great bond with Leo that it’s just not going to be an issue. I won’t be back really late, but I have no intention of being in a fit state to handle our child!

It’s also a strange sensation, now that I am mother it feels a bit wrong wearing high heels and a short dress as I would happily have done so before.. However, I haven’t got anything else to wear so inappropriate it is!


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