Latest noticeable development

Over the past week it has been really obvious that something has changed with the way Leo sees things, specifically people.

He tips his head back and just stares right at you with such intent that I would love to know what’s going on. I read up and about now they have depth perception so can only assume it’s something to do with that and he is just relearning the finer details of everyone’s faces. I absolutely love it, mum claims she finds it a little unnerving! I’m not sure what she thinks he is going to do, make a sudden leap for the jugular or something!

It reminds me of how he stared as a newborn, you feel like he is just absorbing every inch of your face into memory.

He also clearly seeks Tom and I out if he hears our voices and follows us around the room.

There have been no further physical development that is obvious. He still occasionally rolls from his front to his back, but rolling the other way is of no interest to him at all. It’s really interesting watching all the NCT babies develop in totally different ways, each one has totally different motivation to do things and it’s really a treat to watch. Nature at its best


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