A lurking terror!

My sisters youngest has hand, foot and mouth and he was here on Wednesday when mum and my sister were watching Leo for me (I had breast scan appointment) the incubation period is 3 – 7 days and I’m a nervous wreck.

Leo has been a little random with his feeding over the last couple of days, but he does have a slightly snuffly nose too which could explain it. I have kept him away from the other babies I know since we found out and I feel like I’m playing a horrible waiting game.

I noticed a little white dot on his gum today and also a little red one too, I’m am hoping on everything that he has just scratched himself or something and it’s not that. He hasn’t got a temperature yet at least and it does tend to come with one.

My sisters poor little boy hasn’t wanted to eat or drink and has been up every half an hour for the past few night, screaming his little head off as his mouth blisters are so sore.

There is nothing that you can give them either, you just have to ride it out. I don’t know how I will cope having to watch my little man suffer and not be able to get comfort from the boob either. It’ll be horrific. I can express and syringe to try and keep him hydrated but on a selfish note, it’s going to wreak havoc with my boob that doesn’t express properly!

Fingers, toes, everything possible crossed he doesn’t have it.


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