A small rant

For anyone who knows me well enough, especially since embarking on a health and fitness journey, they will know how much it annoys me when PT’s merrily tout supplements to normal gym goers. Most normal gym users can get absolutely everything they need from good, clean food and this is the form that benefits the body the most and allows for optimum absorption.

There is no scientific backing to supplements and no proof they are anything more than a money spinner. I personally think they stand to do more harm than good when used by people who do not require high levels of protein etc beyond what they can healthily eat.

Anyway, my friend and I (both breastfeeding) went to spin today at one of the local leisure centres. She regularly attended whilst she was pregnant so the PT who took the class was enquiring as to how she was getting on. When she said that she feels weaker than she expected to and couldn’t lift the weights she could even during her last week of pregnancy. His suggestion: use gatoraid whilst you’re working out and take a good supplement.

What a tit. Caffeine loaded shite and a tin of powdered bullshit for dessert, he must be insane. I wouldn’t full my body with that even if I wasn’t breastfeeding, it’s scary what these so called professionals dish out via ways of advice. If we weren’t quite as switched on as we are, we may have gone with that advice and have ourselves some wired babies and do untold damage at the same time!


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