You’re hirrarious mummy

Over the last week or so, Leo has started showing genuine amusement in things that I do and it’s just the cutest thing. There is the start of a full on belly laugh in the making and I basically spend a fair amount of time trying to get him to do it. So far, peekaboo works sometimes, blowing raspberries on his neck and jigging him about and pretending he’s falling down work pretty well too. It’s my latest obsession tbf!

Tom had Leo yesterday as he wanted me to have a break. He thought I could go to a spa and chill, what I really craved was a day shopping! Not the most relaxing thing to do but it’s a piece of normality that having a baby makes quite tricky. I found it utterly exhausting and I missed him so much as there were babies everywhere; but it was a lovely break and the boys had fun as always.

It got to about 16:30 last night and Leo was tired but we missed his queues. Tom went to see if he could get him to snooze and he ended up quite frantic, wouldn’t take the bottle or any of our normal tricks, bearing in mind we are trying to get out of the feed to sleep habit. In the end, after 50 unsettled minutes (not all frantic of course) we gave in and I fed him. He was a very unhappy little man and it broke my heart, I felt so awful.

Getting him to settle himself off to sleep was a little harder in the evening too as I guess he was so tired. It took a bit if teamwork, I would pick him up a cuddle whilst Tom got him to take the dummy¬† otherwise he would just get so upset that he wouldn’t take it. It took 3 attempts and then he settled. He is now at over 5hrs first stint and I am having to express as I am on catch-up from the day anyway! I expected him to wake before now, typical really bless him

Daddy snoozing


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