After a couple of false starts last night, little man went off to sleep at 8.30. We always used to have a red light on all night and fairly loud white noise, but we had stepped it down over the last week or so and he had been fine so we assumed he still was. However, because he was struggling to settle last night we switched it back in and he settled straight away.

He woke at 12.30 and then started to stir at 2.30 but I left him to it and after about 10 mins of thrashing around on and off, he settled again until 4.30. He then slept until 7.30 which is unheard of! He must have been so tired as he didn’t sleep properly in the day either.

In fact, yesterday he was in quite a strange mood. He wasn’t his normal smiley self and was generally quite reserved. I know if you read about the developmental leaps, this can happen but it doesn’t stop a mother worrying, especially when he has a new little noise he has started making which makes me think he sounds unhappy.. Mum doesn’t reckon he is though and he is just adding to his vocabulary.

I’m sat waiting for my breast clinic appointment now and have realised I have forgotten my breast pump.. I’m hoping they won’t take the 3 hours they say they can as he hasn’t fed since 7.30 this morning! They will be fit to bust in another 3 hours!


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