Let the sleep regression commence

Or hopefully it’s just a one off! I’ve never had such a bad night with him. We did 4 hours then waking ever hour after midnight, even managed a 15 min stint at one point!

There is a common sleep regression at 4 months stage and it sounds very similar to this, I just hope if it is, it doesn’t last very long! I was just beginning to dare to brave not going to bed the minute he does and grasping a bit of evening back to myself. Clearly I can’t risk that just yet!

To add insult to injury, he did 8 hours then 4 the night before! I suppose if he swaps nightly then it won’t be too bad, if he does it every night I will be a zombie! Just as I’m getting myself back into fitness and eating well too.. Ah well, this time too shall pass and if it does turn out to be regression, I shall use this opportunity to address the fact that I feed him to sleep. We will get his cot down this weekend and set up all of his sensory things so that we can start to teach him how to self settle, no crying it out though. It will be distraction and watching his queues very closely to make sure we put him into bed at the right time. If we really struggle, there is a lady whose book I bought Cheshire Baby Whisperer  and if reading this doesn’t help, she does offer home visits and is very reasonable. I know a girl who has used her and has great success now with the sleep routine


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