Ever changing signals

I think this is an area that I find myself lacking in, I forget to check that the signals Leo is giving me are continuing to be the same. Mum just said to me the other day that he is probably bored now rather than hungry so frequently and if he can be distracted easily then do that and see if I can get him to go longer and feed longer when he feeds.

I have done this for a few days now and it’s been working brilliantly. Each feed is for about 10 mins on each side and he goes about 3 hours. He is also much more content through the day, not that he is ever much less than content, but he’s definitely more peaceful than he was.

I went into work this morning to conduct an interview and Tom came along to take Leo for a walk whilst I did this. He slept all the way to Manchester, woke for a feed and a quick cuddle from the girls in the office,  had another snooze whilst Tom walked him, came to me whilst I had a meeting with one of the engineers, fed and then slept all the way home. Good babying

Once we got home, he had some baby  play time by himself for about half an hour and then a walk to the park with the sun setting, which was lovely. He was awake for most of the walk and was watching the shadows on his pram, then nodded off as I got home. He will be well over 3 hours once he has woken up so has done brilliantly again.

Now that he is that bit older, he is so capable of entertaining himself for short periods, it’s lovely to watch. I got all tearful watching him today because it’s such an amazing thing to witness, this little sponge absorbing and learning from every single thing he comes across. I just wish I could see things how he does so I can fully grasp each moment.


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