Workout weekend

Spin yesterday morning again and circuits down at the local park with Tom, Leo and Sammy this morning. I felt fairly weak in spin, I think mainly as I wasn’t 100% last week, but I felt pretty good today.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how well my body has taken to being back in exercise. The spin session on a Saturday morning is nice as I also get to run a few errands in town afterwards, I get the me feeling back again. I don’t feel the need to rush anymore either as I know Tom has it all in hand as long as I leave him armed with milk.

He’s a great dad, I’m so proud of how much effort he puts into it and just how at ease he is with Leo. It’s so fantastic to witness and truly melts my heart. I didn’t doubt for a second that he wouldn’t be hands on as he is such a loving person, but neither of us had any comprehension of how much we would enjoy being parents.

Halloween for real this time

Some of our friends hosted a little Halloween party on Saturday. It started at 4.30 so we all knew the were in unknown baby territory at this point. We all have babies around the same age so know what the final hours of the day hold in store, and being our of routine makes for fun times with babies.

They all handled it pretty well, Leo started to get tired just before 8 so we left then, he was very upset in the car and I was worried he wouldn’t settle into bed when we got home. I had had two drinks so couldn’t feed him to comfort him, but he dropped off quite quickly with me just rocking him and slept well through the night too.

My sister had a lovely little plaque made for us for our wedding day, so I ordered one to commemorate Leo joining our family. They both hang on the door to or end of the house, absolutely love them

We had a lovely lunch with my sister and her family today, mum is getting used to her new oven so we were pretty spoilt with how much we had. I am so full I can barely move, even now and it’s 8pm.

Leo had a first experience in his bouncer and zonked out on my knee!


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