Slave to the snooze

All my days are structured around Leo snoozes. It’s quite tricky to achieve, but sleep is so important in their developmental process that it’s not something I feel I can ignore.

He’s pretty solid on needing to sleep every two hours in the morning and then he normally seems to go a bit longer in the afternoon, but I think it depends on the length of his morning snoozes. I’m currently tracking sleeps and keeping a log of his mood and how well he goes down each time.

I know that by the time I have figured out a pattern, it will all change but I love keeping track of things like this, so no time wasted.

It’s harder now for sleep than it used to be as he is far more interested in his surroundings now, so means he doesn’t ever snooze on my knee these days if we’re out. I have to use the carrier or the pushchair. I’m sure plenty of people would have an opinion on my crutches that I use, but I think of them as my tool kit and Leo’s sleep is way more important to me than what others think! He’s happy, so I’m happy


My little water baby

Swimming this week was great fun, all of a sudden he has started splashing around and kicking like crazy. He was absolutely loving it, so much so he was furious when I got him out!

It’s ridiculous how much he’s come on with everything over the last couple of weeks, it’s so incredible.

With the development, comes the frustration. He is so desperate to crawl, he just can’t get the coordination as I guess it’s really quite tricky. As his bottom comes up and he tucks his knees up, he drops onto his face. He then proceeds to shout about it and thrash his legs around, it’s very hard to just sit and watch, but I will only get involved if he really gets upset; other than that I sit where he knows I am and stroke his back periodically to calm him a little.

He had his first little head bump yesterday too, he rolled over and I had put him a little too close to the cabinets so he bumped it.. A few tears and a very guilty feeling mummy and all was well. His bathroom antics are now quite energetic and we have a hard tiled floor, so I have ordered some foam tiles to put him on. They will also be warmer as he has his nappy off time in the bathroom whilst I am showered and getting ready for the day, now I won’t have to worry about him cracking his head on the floor!

Evening of excitement!

I decided a good few pre midnight waking sessions were in order again, Leo was snoozing but it was his noises that wake me I think. It got to midnight and he started fidgeting on and off, so dummy in and again at half past. I could hear a strange noise coming from the heater, and on investigation, the internal workings were sparking! Nice and safe, so I had to set to and move the wardrobe to unplug it!

Then I woke at 1 and couldn’t doze off due to what feels like rsi in my right forearm, so I thought I might as well get up and express, but seemingly I fell back to sleep. I woke at 3.30 to Leo moving about and me being absolutely drowned in milk. My entire tshirt was soaked and the duvet too! I then had to feed Leo first for 15 mins and proceeded to soak myself even more!

Happy Feet

Watching Leo grow up is so addictive. He’s a big boy for his age and really very content and happy the majority of the time. It makes bonding with him really easy, as most of the time I have with him is spent playing, reading, walking with him in the pram or carrier or with him on the play mat or floor, all chilled out things to do and he’s clearly engaging in all of the activities, even if it is just to stare at us and eat his hands.

Work is really busy and full of very interesting projects right now. The things we want to do, from scratch and upgrades, continue off way into the future and will keep us coding away for years. It’s a great opportunity for me to learn all sorts of skills, migrations of all sorts, new languages, new development styles, new processes and to document it all so we have a working knowledge base. I’ve been very lucky getting the role I have now, especially after the first couple of years of living up here and really not enjoying my role at all. Definitely moved company at the right time and now can’t see myself moving for a long time unless we move out of the country (very unlikely) or someone offers me a cake eating job (I like cake). It was always a source of great concern for Sarah and I think we’re now just happy with everything. It makes life a lot easier. Or at least more cake focused rather than worrying about real things.

My wonderful family came to visit me at work on Wednesday. It’s been an odd week thanks to my boss getting his dates wrong which has led to me working from home four days and then having Wednesday in work. Not complaining at all! It was really nice getting to finally introduce Sarah and Leo to all the people who play a major role in my daily work life (boss, close colleagues, evil financiers of doom). I always used to think that it was weird that people would bring their children in to work, but now I have Leo it’s obvious why (if they’re like me as a parent and basically a massive pile of smush).

I find writing, or the habit of writing, very tricky to get into. I have to force myself to get some time away from everything (it’s now 2200 and everyone is in bed merrily snoozing) and also to be on a computer as I just don’t get on writing longform on a phone. Turns out you don’t get much time like that with the little rascals in your life. And that’s all good with me. The more full my life gets, the happier I’ve become.

Lunching with Daddy

Togged up in the carrier
This is a better seat to travel in mummy

Today’s activity was a trip into Manchester to meet Tom’s colleagues and get some lunch. It took me ages to decide how to get there; train, tram, drive, bus, combination. In the end I opted to drive to Salford and get a tram into Manchester.

I timed the drive out with a snooze and then bundled him into the carrier for the tram journey. He loved it and was his normal smiley little self with everyone and charmed the socks off them all, then he snoozed in the carrier on the way back after lunch.

He was chatting away to octopus for most of the journey home, we did have a few tears but no full on meltdown. We had a quick catch up coffee with the girls too and he was really lovely again. So interactive and smiley and just his normal lovely self to be around.

I find now that I get so much from the time we spend just the two of us, I feel like I get so much back from the interactions rather than the one way street of the early days. I get a real kick out of watching him take stuff in and seeing him work things out and commit it to memory.

To make up for lack of long sleeps today, I did another 2 hour sleep stint in the carrier with me in the dining room. It allows me to keep him sleeping for quite a while because of the movement and warmth, it also wrecks my back!

I’m also really loving our bedtime routine these days, his bath and then his last feed are so lovely. He’s really smiley and cheeky on that feed and listening to him chatting away as he’s falling asleep is one of my favourite things. He’s just becoming this really big personality as each day goes by and it’s such an amazing thing to be part of.

Duvet day

I woke up feeling pretty grotty this morning and the weather was pretty dreadful, which never helps. We took Sammy out for a walk in the rain for Leo’s first snooze, but it was hard work. I’m still so sore from boot camp!

Last night went well, he didn’t do a midnight waking which is great, but he did decide that getting up time was 5.30.. Which I hate! I did managed to stay asleep until 2.30 though, expressed and then he woke up at 3.

As I was feeling rubbish, I decided to stay in the house for the rest of the day and just play with my little man and rest up. We read lots, played on the floor lots, did some rolling, did some chatting and we had two snoozes together which was lovely. We managed the last afternoon snooze too (my nemesis), but it only lasted half an hour unfortunately..  Even so, progress is being made. I fell asleep before him for the first snooze and the next thing I knew I was waking up with a happily snoozing cutie next to me. He hadn’t has a dummy, just ewan and elephant and cuddles from me.

He is making huge progress at bed time, he is quite noisy about it but doesn’t get upset. He just chats away as if he is getting all his talking done for the evening and then he sometimes nods off by himself and other times a quick suck of his dummy and he’s gone. I am going to have to record it because it’s just the sweetest thing to listen to.

It’s amazing how much progress he seems to have made in this last week. He’s suddenly so active, so much more vocal, he has more complex emotions surfacing too, such as frustration and amusement. It’s so incredible to be a part of and witness all these things that keep occurring and watching our beautiful little man grow. The whole process from conception and onwards is just mind blowing.

My nemesis – the afternoon snooze!

Every day without fail, Leo’s last sleep of the afternoon never fails to frustrate me. The only way I manage to get him to snooze is by feeding him, or as he did the other day, in his carrier and even the carrier option is hit and miss.

If find it incredibly frustrating, yesterday we tried for an hour in total and were so close more than once but he just wouldn’t let it go.

We think we may be trying him too early. He happily goes 2 hours between his first two naps so this is a mystery. Today he has just gone 2.5 but he seemed sleepy earlier. He makes quite a distinctive cry noise, it sounds like ‘ack’ and he was doing that.

So, I think we need to hang on a bit longer and try and read his queues more effectively and go from there!

That’s more like it

As always, the swaddling worked wonders. He stirred at just before midnight and I tried just ewan, which wasn’t enough, so popped the dummy in and he went off again. Of course, I then didn’t get back to sleep until I got up at 2 and expressed. He then went until 3.30 before a feed and then until 6.30 which is great.

I really want to get rid of this midnight waking, mum reckons most people get rid of the early hours waking, but I like to get up and express then anyway so I don’t find it an issue.. For now! I thought I might set my alarm for just before midnight and put ewan on pre-emptively and see if that helps, I don’t like relying on the dummy but it’s working right now and the most important thing for me is Leo getting enough sleep.

It was also totally dark and no white noise which is progress. I’m always a bit torn with removing the white noise as I think it helps with the self soothing, but it certainly doesn’t help with our quality of sleep as I certainly sleep much deeper without it. I would just love to get back to the 6hrs straight sleep that I had prior to the first unswaddle attempt.

Sleep experts reckon it can take up to two weeks to adjust a habit, so we will see if two weeks from now the midnight waking has gone.. Not convinced it will as surely the dummy is a habit in itself at that time! Oh the confusion

Leo isn’t quite as happy about the bobble hats as me it would seem

Little pink cheeks!

The weather has turned cold and frosty, which for me and what I do every day is a preference to rain as it’s so much easier to get things done.. By things I mean walking Sammy and keeping Leo asleep for more than an hour on the first snooze.

I am really stiff from boot camp, so I am planning to walk into town later to loosen off, do a little bit of shopping and mooch about until the bus back.. Or maybe even walk back, baby snoozing and will dependant.

Tom is working from home this week too, which is brilliant. It’s so nice having him there in the morning for wake up and the occasional cuddle.

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Freedom funtime

As part of moving him to the new cot, we thought we would unswaddle him at the same time. He’s rolling over really well now and all the info says to unswaddle when they are doing this.. Well, be damned with what the specialist say, I want my baby to have restful sleep and I want to sleep too!

He was harder to settle off initially, we put this down to the fact that his snoozing yesterday was pretty rubbish and he missed one entirely. He then woke up, hysterical, at 11pm. This was exactly what he did the last time we unswaddle him and the only way to settle him was to feed him.

Next he started thrashing about at midnight, I used ewan and comforters to settle him off; which took a good half an hour. He then did the same at one, I did the same and then he managed until 3am.  I fed him then as he wouldn’t comfort back to sleep and I popped him back in his cot before he was fully asleep, so that took a dummy and almost half an hour to settle him again. He stirred again at 5 and I managed to settle him off and I think he managed until 6.30 when I gave in and fed him and then he did another hour after me spending time settling him again.

He doesn’t break out of his swaddle, he doesn’t show signs of attempting to roll over whilst swaddled either, so I am going to continue. People recommend gradual unswaddling which is probably the approach we will take eventually and I think I want to do it when I can safely use a blanket with him and tuck his arms in with that. I just don’t get on with the sleeping bags for him.

My theory is that when he actively pulls covers off his face, then I shall probably get a giant muslin and use that to tuck him in and go from there! Again, I fell foul to the ‘everyone says’ trap!

Big boy bedtime

Nothing like a good alliteration!

Anyway, we moved the cot into our room yesterday. It’s a really old cot that mum bought a new matress for and the fact that it is quite slimline works well in our room… Even if it does have really disturbing decals on it!

We popped him in it just to play about to begin with and he thought the best plan was definitely to get tangled in the bars!

Ooh, this looks like fun!

I wanted it to still be like a side car cot, so we needed to get a little bit inventive with some DIY, something Tom and I are useless at tbf! So, B&Q cut us some MDF to size but we needed something to raise it up. The idea was to use blocks of wood on the corners, however, they can’t cut a big piece to little blocks for you as they are too small.. Ah, panic? Tom suggested that we just saw it up when we get home.. I immediately rejected this idea as requiring too much effort, so proceeded to scour the aisles in the place for something that would do the trick, with no interaction, other than a purchase, required. And we found it, a piece of plastic used to connect guttering sections to each other and the wall.. Nice flat top and bottom, good strong plastic and the exact height we needed!

It’s amazing what laziness can achieve!

This morning I got roped into a boot camp my mate was doing. I have done boot camps with her before, so was under no illusion it was going to be easy and by crikey, it’s killed me. I think I did a million squats, lunges, burpees and tuck jumps.. Everything I actively seek to avoid in my every day fitness campaigns but all the activities I should do to boost my flat booty! I will update on my demise tomorrow, it’s not going to be pretty