Progress is definitely being made


The car was booked in for a service today in Warrington. Although this isn’t far away, the potential for bad traffic is really high and getting stuck on the motorways is a pretty common occurrence around there!

As you can imagine, the thought of doing a journey of this sort with a baby that hates the car is quite daunting. Whilst he has improved dramatically over the last couple of weeks, it’s still a worry. I timed the journey out with his first morning nap and the journey home, I requested the car be done for his afternoon nap.

This went astray as my sister who gave me a lift got involved in something that delayed us. When he was first back in the car he had managed a half an hour 14:00 nap so it was a bit close to this when I got to leaving the garage. He wasn’t wildly impressed with the stop start traffic but just grizzled a little bit and didn’t cry. We got to the motorway and I thought he was sleeping, but he wasn’t and then I hit standstill traffic, 2 miles from my exit!

Anxiety then kicks in, expecting a meltdown, but squeaky monkey to the rescue and a quickly cleared backlog and we were off within ten minutes and he then nodded off. I’m now sat in the car at home whilst he snoozes as he needs a longer nap

My saviour!


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