I was listening to a podcast today that I find fascinating, as it’s just two guys that kinda know each other getting to know one another better.

Each episode is around 2 to 2.5 hours long and is entirely composed of them chatting or explaining parts of their life. They explore anything that interests them and just talk.

The episode today touched on how they don’t like travelling. One gets majorly travel sick, whilst the other has fairly major disaster panic. The second got me really freaked out. I’ve spent half the afternoon worrying about what would happen if I died and left Sarah and Leo to fend for themselves.

Oddly enough it wasn’t a happy time. I feel sick from the thought of just not being there, even without considering what it’d be like from their point of view. As Sarah regularly thinks along these lines, she’s fairly well versed in thinking it through and working on plans, so tonight we’ll go over what I need to learn and work on to avoid feeling this panicked again.

Getting on the bike immediately after work really had me worried and I had to concentrate a lot on avoiding traffic and taking the safest routes.

Well that’s a turn up for the books anyway.


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