Every now and again..

.. everything gets to you, but that’s OK, it’s allowed. You just have to make an effort to acknowledge it and fix it if you can, without it negatively impacting those around you.

Today, everything is frustrating me. I have sold my saddles on eBay and have been let down by every service I have relied on to get them posted in time, I now look like I’m giving a bad service and that really, really winds me up.

I feel ill, I’ve been fighting it since Saturday and it’s really fighting me. I was meant to be working today so mum has Leo and I was going to rest instead. However, I’m so wound up by the shitty services I have had to deal with that I’m not sleeping!

My right boob is being a t*&t again, I’ve been struggling to fend it off since Friday and overnight last night it decided it wasn’t happy again, I tried expressing but got naff all, so had to wake my lovely slumbering little man to sort it out instead.

I’m sick of my back aching and sick of not being able to sleep in any other position other than on my back but my bloody temperamental tataa’s mean I can do nothing about it. I refuse to give up breastfeeding though, Leo has amazing digestion with no difficulties and I will not compromise him just to save me a few months of discomfort!

But, it’s OK because I’m only human and it’s unrealistic to pretend you can be upbeat all the time. I have a beautiful son, a husband who loves me dearly and an amazing support network to help me through.


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