Meet the child minder

All his socialising tired him out

Before Leo was born, we made the decision to find a childminder for my return to work and we found a fantastic lady who lives ten minutes away from my work.

Leo and I went to meet her yesterday and she thought he was fantastic and he was full of smiles for her too. I love how she is with children, she really seems to give them space to be themselves and takes their lead in a lot of things, this really fits with the parenting style that I want to follow.

She makes home cooked meals for them every day and they go out to do activities in a morning too. She will speak to them in Hindi if you so wish, which I do as I believe taking in languages at a young age is really important.

Leo was an angel in the car, I timed the journey out with a nap and then we went to see my work colleagues after meeting Leo’s child minder. He was awake for this journey and was even laughing at one point! The journey home was nap time number two but getting out from my work there are a lot of traffic lights, so very stop/start, which would’ve enraged him a few weeks ago but he just chilled out and nodded off at some point. Happy mummy!


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