Daddy’s In Charge

So Friday was the first day of me looking after Leo all by myself. I was a little worried about him travelling in the car after the last time I drove but other than that I was really looking forward to a whole day with my little man.

Sarah left me plans for the day, enough food to feed many hundreds of small people and lots of love. I took Sam and Leo out for a walk early on and it started terribly with Leo really upset but once he’d fallen asleep all was good.

This gave me a lot more confidence for the next mission, swimming! We had a lesson booked in Wilmslow and were intending to meet James and Benjamin there. I put Leo in the car and he immediately fell asleep and stayed asleep for the whole journey. Winner.

Once there, we had lots of time to feed, play in the car and have a little snooze. Changing him into his swimming kit went well, lots of breaks for cuddles and he was all sorted. The lesson was great, Leo seemed mostly happy or tolerant at least, and I loved seeing how he’d progressed since the last lesson I saw with him. I didn’t like seeing him after being dunked as he was definitely on the edge at that point but he basically just braved it all the way through.

Lunch with the others was great, Leo and Benjamin sleeping through the whole lot whilst James and I caught up.

Onto the next journey and Leo slept and played happily in his chair all the way home. If I hadn’t experienced it myself I would have enjoyed started to think mummy had been making things up.

So all the possible stress points for the day were out the way, leaving just a gigantic poop and Aunty Holly visiting which all went well.

I loved it. Seems like forever ago already now, but I can’t wait for another adventure with my buddy now. Although maybe we’ll let mummy join us. 


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