Daddy day, spinning and developmental moments

Tom did a super amazing job with Leo yesterday, I came back to a wonderfully happy and serene pair of boys and they both seemed to have had a cracking day! I won’t go into too much detail as I’m sure Tom will write about it if he hasn’t already. I’m incredibly proud of Tom, I’ve had weeks to get to be doing what he did yesterday and he just got on and did it.

Leo is really paying attention to his hands now and reaching out for things. He’s not very grabby, but he’s definitely investigating. He has rolled from tummy to back a few more times and he can really hold his head up during tummy time. He also did some dragging himself to the side a bit with his arm, I suspect he will be just like his dad and drag rather than crawl!

I can use his arms now to bring him into a sitting position and he supports his own head, both on the way up and back down again. He is nowhere near sitting though, he just topples onto his face poor lad!

I used to spin about 3 times a week a couple of years ago, I absolutely love it but then got out of the habit when I changed my shift to an 8am start at work.
I haven’t done any cardio for about 6 month’s, other than pram fit last week so this was pretty tough. I did notice that my breathing was considerably better than it used to be and I think it is down to all the hypnobirthing breathing I was doing in the later stages of my pregnancy as I have always struggled with my breath.

I have no doubt in my mind I am going to be in agony over the next couple of days but I was impressed that my core wasn’t totally shot. I do put this down to all the hard work I have done on my core over the last few years though. As much as I have done nothing for some time, I can tell it is won’t take long to get it back and I have really, really missed my workouts


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