Can’t sleep!

More sleeping
A little bit more..
Just give me a second…

Obviously I’m talking about Leo! I woke up to feed and can’t get back to sleep. I am too busy thinking about everything I need to make sure I do in the morning before heading out to work.

Tom has Leo and I want his day to go as smoothly as possible, so I am trying to plan for all eventualities! He is taking him swimming, so I have packed the bag for him and left him Leo nest making instructions!

Leo hasn’t pooped today (or yesterday now) and he had his second round of vaccinations, including rota virus, which could make for a few poonami moments tomorrow! I realised that I haven’t repacked the nappy bag since coming in, so at 3am I was out at the car sorting that out.

Tom is also giving my dad a lift to work in his car (that we are currently using) so I have just given that a quick spruce up inside to avoid a telling off!

Little monster

As it is coming up to Halloween, all the classes this week are themed. This was Leo’s outfit for the day, Mike from monsters Inc. There is a hat that goes with it but Leo’s head is a touch too big! He was a hit with everyone!

His jabs this time where nowhere near as bad as last time. There were still tears, but not the same level of screaming as last time, which was great. He did almost choke on the rota virus drops though, poor little baby


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