Parenting fail

We thought we would try a dark, quiet bedroom last night instead of the normal white noise and dim red light.. Leo was hugely unimpressed. He was happily sleeping until the moment we switched everything off.  In hindsight, doing it all in one go was just cruel!

We tried settling him without and he was just too upset, tried noise but no light; still no happy so we just turned both down and he settled.

Just a little less light made all the difference to me, I slept for 8 hours and then got up to express and Leo went to 8.5. We have decided to just not mess, he’s a great sleeper so why rock the boat?!

He’s a happy little camper today and mummy and daddy have just learned something else, so all is well

Little canary!

I seem to be keeping on top of the blocked ducts too, which makes me extremely happy. No tight fitting jumpers, no bra unless totally necessary and just a light elasticated top for a bit of hold. Fingers crossed I’ve cracked it, I will have spaniels ears when I’m done but heyho!


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