Day Watch

Sunday was my first day of looking after Leo mostly full time. Sarah was there to help point me in the right direction and support me but mostly it was up to me to keep Leo happy and fed.

Holy crap it’s hard work.

I already knew that Sarah did an amazing job of bringing up Leo but now I have an even deeper respect for what she does every day.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved spending the whole day with my little lion man. It was brilliant and challenging and full of worry and stress but I think I did okay and so does Sarah and Leo seemed pretty content for most of the day.

I find it really hard to keep calm in the moment and it stresses me out a lot, but as Sarah points out, that doesn’t help me so I just try to breathe and stop shaking and just get on with helping Spud to do what’s required!

Looking back at it now it doesn’t seem like it was stressful. Good old time.


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