Car fun!

Today wasn’t quite as successful as the day before, but it was still pretty good! He just grizzled a little bit in the car, but nothing with any conviction. Bliss!

He’s still a bit snotty, I squirted some saline up his nose in the morning and I thought he was going to choke on the phlegm it loosened up! So that was pretty scary! I can’t wait for this first aid course, I’ve watched some videos on how to cope with choking, but not being able to react to something is such a huge source of worry for me! The story in the news at the moment about the little boy who choked to death on a grape whilst in pizza Hut with his parents made me go cold, I can’t believe not one person in the building could help him.. It’s what never-ending nightmares are made of, I never want to be so helpless

I am up expressing as usual, Leo has been sleeping for over 7 hours and the thought of more blocked ducts drags me out of bed every time!


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