3 days sleeping in the pushchair 👍

Obviously not 3 days solid; that would be concerning! The last 3 mornings I have walked him in the bassinet pushchair and each day he has improved how he sleeps.  I had no fight today, I just sung some nonsense to him whilst we walked and he was sleeping before I got to the park. The last two mornings it has taken me about 20 mins to get the same result.

I am hoping that he will be the same in the new buggy when it arrives as this one is so not designed for where we live and walk. There is no reason for him to dislike it as he can see me, but he does have to wear straps which is my only concern as he takes great pleasure it letting me know he hates that! Fingers crossed or its back to the drawing board again, I certainly don’t want to buy anything else!


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