8 hrs!

Snoozing in his bear suit after our morning walk.. Only a few tears too
Loving being back on the healthy food

Yep, the little trooper slept 8 hours! Obviously I had to get up and express, but that’s besides the point.

He was also in a far better mood yesterday, fighting sleep constantly, but not grumpy with it.

I think he has been feeling under the weather. He was really congested in the night and keeps coughing too. I ordered a preemptive vapour rub a few days ago as a lot of the babies have been poorly, as have the adults, but it still hasn’t arrived, annoyingly.

Saline spray and moisture it is then. I have the breath easy essential oils too so will put some of them in the burner whilst we are in the bathroom. Hopefully Tom can get some vapour rub whilst he is out and about today.

We have rythmn time today, I will only go if he seems happy in himself whilst awake.. Otherwise it’s a bit mean, the last thing I’d want to do is be exposed to that madness when feeling poorly!


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