Bloody breasts!

Again, I have blocked ducts AGAIN! I wore a tight jumper all day yesterday and that appears to be all it takes, even though Leo fed well all day and I even expressed before bed, but nope, I have one very sore and one, very sore rock hard boob now. It’s so damn frustrating, I can’t hold Leo properly or cuddle him properly or put him in his sling. The flow from the really blocked side is affected I think, so it makes Leo really fussy and he won’t feed properly off it.

Vicious circle! I need him to suckle properly to clear the blockage!

The joys of breastfeeding! I won’t give up though, it’s too important to me and to Leo. I just need to keep pushing on, so sick of taking ibuprofen too.. It’s definitely not good for me, I can only hope it’s minimal impact on him. I do try and manage it without but when it gets like it is now I have no choice, or end up with mastitis


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