Lots of new things

Toys to touch
My first pint in 11 months!
Next size up

Leo’s showing a few of the common signs for his next developmental leap. He’s being a little more clingy, he’s following things with his eyes, he’s blowing bubbles, testing his ability to sit up so his head is pulling forwards all the time, he’s sort of touching things and looking at his hands.

He’s also up a size in his clothes, everything is being packed away and all the new stuff is being sorted through. How my sister ever needed the amount of clothes she managed to acquire is beyond me, he has enough to wear something different every day until his next size change I think! The amount of money it has saved us is unbelievable!

Tom and I did our first date night without him last night! It was very strange, I made sure he was in bed asleep before we went and then did a super quick change and out we went. It took me some time to relax even though I know my mum is more than capable and he is perfectly happy with her! We had a lovely few hours but as we have become so used to going to bed early, we were both sat there yawning!

We were home about 3hrs later and he hadn’t even moved a muscle! Next step is to try putting him down for the evening from a bottle as I suspect he comforts himself to sleep on me!


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