Baby sleeps.. I don’t!

This is one of the most frustrating times for me. Lovely little Leo has his feed and dutifully drops right off to sleep again after 15mins of eating. I have to get up to express the other boob as I am still struggling with blocked ducts and then I can’t get back to sleep for love nor money! So annoying!

I’m struggling with my back still, it’s right down in my lumbar/sacral region and lying flat on my back makes it ache but I can’t lie on either side as this squashes my boobs and causes blockages as they fill up over night! I suppose I had to pay the price of having an easy pregnancy somewhere!

I’m really desperate to start exercise in some way again, getting out walking has been great but I can’t even walk very far with the pushchair whilst my back is aching. Even though I have had sign off to start doing abs work again, I can’t do this whilst my back is bad either!

I have got to stop eating rubbish too. Whilst my weight is only 4lbs over what it was pre pregnancy, I feel really flabby on my tummy and I am definitely putting fat on there now whilst losing muscle, hence the static weight I would imagine. I need to get myself sorted, Leo is in a pretty good routine and he is easier to entertain so I should have more free hands to eat healthier lunches and just stop this sugar binge I have embarked on for the last 10 weeks. Yes I am burning calories breastfeeding but it doesn’t automatically make me healthy!


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