Transportation trauma’s

Leo has never been particularly happy in the car, as a rule I factor in at least one meltdown stop for every journey. I was getting pretty good at timing it right, but as he has got older he seems to have got to the point where he likes it even less.

He is even at the point where he kicks off most times out in his buggy. He loves being close to you, but that just isn’t always practical. Sometimes you can quell the meltdown just by singing to him and carrying on, other times it absolutely will not work and you have to stop. Sometimes for a feed, sometimes for burping and sometimes for cuddles and he will usually then be happy.

It’s quite frustrating as it adds such a huge element of stress to outings. The stress comes from not knowing why he is upset and wondering if he is in pain in any way, it’s just heartbreaking. I don’t care about factoring in more time on a journey or missing something I have planned, Leo’s happiness is what is most important to me.

Today’s outing consisted of a feed stop 5 mins from home then he fell asleep for the rest of the journey. The return route; he was awake the entire time being mesmerised by his mobile until 5 mins from home and squeaky monkey had to get involved!

I know it’s just another phase and we just have to do all we can to help him comfortably through.


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