Frenulotomy fun

Well, I think fun may be stretching the truth somewhat but it wasn’t anywhere near as traumatic as expected. In fact, I wouldn’t describe it as traumatic at all… For us, so I translate that as not traumatic for Leo too.

He was overso cute, smiling at the midwives and laughing his head off. They diagnosed it as a 100% tie so we decided to go ahead and have it separated. There were two ladies, he was laid on the bed and his shoulders held firmly whilst they quickly snip the skin. He was grizzling a bit but more because he was held on the bed I think and the second the midwife picked him up, he stopped. There were no flowing tears like when he had his injections.. Thank god!

There was hardly any blood and he fed straight away, the latch is definitely deeper but the lady explained that the clicking can be the baby’s way of controlling a fast flow so that may still happen. He is definitely clicking less though.

I thought I had the boob pain sorted, it’s started again this morning and I’m sure it’s from wearing the supportive breastfeeding bras I have, so I am bra-less again today and will stick to my really stretchy breastfeeding bras instead and see how we get on.. Very annoying


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