Traipsing the streets

So the plan yesterday was to get the bus into Knutsford, walk over to baby sign, walk around tatton Park, go to the breastfeeding clinic for amazing cake and then walk home. We were all ready to get the 09:58 from outside the house and it didn’t bother showing up.

Waiting for the elusive 27 bus
Morning dog walking snooze

We had managed to fall asleep on the morning walk with Sammy, transfer him into the off road buggy and get to the bus stop without disturbing him, but could I make it to Knutsford and beyond with him still sleeping? I certainly didn’t have time to accommodate a midway feed session!

Well we made it, it’s only a mile further than I have been walking so I felt fine. After baby sign we headed into Knutsford to meet Tina for lunch, he decided he didn’t want to be in the buggy and wanted a feed so we stopped on a park bench. He then proceeded to fill his nappy so Al fresco changing was in order

He then wouldn’t stay in the buggy so he got wrapped up in the boba sling I had luckily chucked into the pram and he fell asleep

Lunch done and cake eaten we headed home, I was absolutely shattered by the time we got there and had had to make use of a dummy on the walk home to keep him happy! It bought me just enough time thankfully as there is no way I could’ve carried him home with my back.

Consequently, my lower back is in bits today! Well timed for daddy assistance all weekend to give me a break!


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