Dunkin Donuts.

Ready for his swimming!

Or babies as I like to call them!

It was underwater time at our swimming lesson today, I was not looking forward to it at all as quite a few of them get pretty hysterical either immediately after or a few mins later.. Leo missed it last week so today was his first time and he was absolutely fine, he looked a little she’ll shocked but not grizzles or tears at either time.

The swim place is a source of stress for me. Getting them into and out of their kit feels like a battle as their shorts are so tight and the changing rooms are freezing which makes them even more unhappy when they are being changed after the swim as they are wet and cold.

So this time, I went prepared:

– no clothing that is required to be put on over the head as that angers them at the best of times!

– a microfiber towel to use immediately and get as much water off him as possible as soon as he comes out

– leave a little towel nest ready in the changing room consisting of the following: a double layer towel on the floor, a microwave heat pad on top, wrapped in another towel, a rolled up microfiber towel as a pillow

– dressing gown for me

– get him out of his wet clothes by the pool as it’s warmer

Well, it worked a treat.. He lay in his cosy nest, merrily smiling away and looking around.. And relax! Phew


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