Ever changing seasons

We are reading a book at the moment about  positive parenting. There is a part of it where the author compares all the little developmental stages to seasons and says that we are all guilty of wishing away the current season to get to the next, instead we should relish and absorb every second of the season we are in as you will only look back and want the time back.

I am guilty of this and I am going to stop it. Already I notice that we get less cuddles and more awake and alert time. When we got cuddles after feeds I’d wish for free hand time, now I miss my cuddles!

Leo’s latest and most obvious progress is in his sleep again. He seems to have got used to his wind for now and can deal with it without drama at night. He has had a few nights of 6 or even 7 hours then 2.5 to 3 after that. Last night we had 4hrs then 4.5! He’s obviously managing to take a lot more milk on each feed.

He was a little unhappy yesterday though, not sure why. He seemed in pain, I had tummy ache though so maybe we had a little bug. Fingers crossed he’s OK today as I have physio to try and ease this horrible shoulder blade pain and the new knee pain I’m struggling with. We then have baby sensory, then we are visiting the new farm shop The Lambing Shed and then we are walking with the girls. If he is upset still I won’t be doing any, he currently seems pretty happy though so fingers crossed.

Right, now to stop wishing my baby’s seasons away and relish in the present!


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