Life in the fast lane

Prepping for it

Today we were incredibly lucky to be treated to a track day at Silverstone by our friends who own an amazing Nissan GTR. We travelled down yesterday afternoon and stayed in a hotel about half an hour away from the track as we had to be there for 7.30

We met our friends there and then got cracking after the briefing. I’d imagine they don’t have many briefings with tiny babies present!

It’s an amazing car, insanely powerful and just so exciting to drive. Tom was absolutely amazing, really proud of him. All those hours playing on his game around that track have paid off, as well as being amazing at anything he turns his hands to.

We took it in turns to be up in the restaurant with the babies as it was quieter and warmer, although we did both have ear defenders for the little ones for walking from the pits to the restaurant. The weather was perfect for driving, really clear and dry 👌

We left the track about 5pm and Leo was fine when we left, he was immediately not fine once driving. The time from 5pm till about 7.30pm is what I call feeding frenzy o’clock and unfortunately, it really upset him for most of the journey. We kept stopping and I used every trick in the book to entertain him and we staved a meltdown off until about 15 mins away from home and he really had had enough. It took so long to settle him and we had to limp the rest of the way home.

We won’t make the mistake of travelling him at this time again, it’s unfairn on him. We was everso patient and went off beautifully when we got home and slept for a 7hr stint.

It’s all a learning curve and he knew we were there for him for that time so it won’t have had any last detrimental affect on him, it’s just our job to avoid it happening again.


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