Just you wait

If I had recorded how many times someone had said to me “just you wait” when I had an opinion on how I wanted to be as a parent (and what it was about) , it would be an amusing thing to look back at.. Basically everything that created a “just you wait” response, I have totally gone back on my opinion.

A few that I can think of off the top of my head

1. Not getting around to using the reusable nappies as disposable ones are just so good and easy

2. Not having your baby in bed with you

3. Not socialising all the time with people you have met through baby classes

4. Not singing nursery rhymes

5. Not playing nursery rhymes in the car

6. Not enjoying the baby classes and singing

7. Going back to work for KIT days won’t be a problem

8. Sticking to my healthy eating plan and exercising regularly

And the list goes on and will undoubtedly be added to every single day!

It’s basically down to the fact that you can’t comprehend how driven you are to make you beautiful baby happy that you are willing to forgo anything you used to class as important if it gets in the way of that happening.. It’s a good thing, it’s the ultimate selfless act and I am astounded by anyone that doesn’t fall into this trap and I am sure the “just you wait” affect will continue until the end of time


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