Smiling little munchkin

I was expecting an unhappy baby this morning, but what I got was a very smily, happy baby. I still didn’t bother taking him to swimming as I couldn’t face the drama after of changing them when they are so upset, especially if he wasn’t feeling totally right.

I also noticed something new, I was playing with him on my knees and bouncing him up and down and he was laughing. This is the first time it has been a genuine laugh in response to an action, rather than just giggles. #proudmummymoment

I’ve treated myself to some bigger bras in the hope it will help my boob pains. Have been pretty much the same today, he just doesn’t feed very effectively when we are out which doesn’t help!

Unfortunately, I woke him up from a little map to go and see the girls at lunch and he was mightily unimpressed with my attempts to get him in the car straight away. I had to take him in and out a few times, popped his dummy in as a last resort, he spat it out and settled! He was totally fine at lunch but started to get a little but grizzly towards the 2 hour mark so I brought him home. He did some shouting and being upset so I just gave him another dose of calpol, he pooped and settled a bit. He then started fussing again so I put him in the boba sling.. Pretty much immediately fell asleep and after about ten minutes there has been some almighty downstairs rumbling and action. It hasn’t leaked as far as I can tell so I am risking keeping him bundled up and sleeping for now!


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