It’s done…

.. for now at least

He was a very brave little man having his jabs and mummy cuddles made him soon forget about it and was smiling at people in the surgery a few min after.

Don’t get me wrong, he screamed a scream no mothers wants to hear and he was in floods of tears, something he rarely does! Obviously that made me cry too!!

I took him straight home after and he slept, when he woke he would cry a lot and then go back to sleep. This lasted until around 8pm at which point he settled into his cot nicely. He stirred around 11.30 but not upset, he fed for about 5 mins and then went back to sleep.. However, my boobs are playing up again as I was out the house for quite a while with classes, lunch then doctors so I am back massaging and expressing.. I feel like I am going to be chained to an expressing machine for the next year!

I have just woken him up for his next round of calpol but his temperature is still normal. They advise to give them the third dose regardless and then after that just monitor temperature.

He is supposed to be swimming tomorrow, I will see how he is in the morning but potentially won’t go anyway as I need to concentrate on my boobs or I will have problems this weekend.


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