Never a dull moment

Absolutely nothing to do with this post, just a cutie pie in ear defenders

Since coming back from our weekend away, Leo has seemed a little unsettled and clingy. I’m not sure if this is simply his developmental stage or because his weekend away threw him a little. All I can do is be there for him.

Boobs are still not totally OK, the occasional shooting pain is still coming on in both and my supply is down when I express. Doctors appointment tomorrow morning.

It’s been bothering me that maybe Leo is unsettled because he is hungry so I took him for a weigh in at the children’s centre. He’s 14lb 1oz so it isn’t affecting his weight if it is.

I managed to fall down the stairs last night whilst carrying Leo. If that’s not fuel for a catastrophic thinker then I don’t know what is! Luckily, it was only the last couple and I managed to take the brunt on my ankle and land on my bum then back with Leo none the wiser on top of me!

I don’t appear to have done too much damage, it’s a bit swollen but could’ve been considerably worse!

He seems to be getting back to himself today anyway, lots of chatting and cooing,  just in time for injections! 😔 My friend Tina was going to come with me but I decided that everyone else managed by themselves so I’m just going to man up!


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